Jun 22 2016 Davide Castellani Comments Off on Trolley carry multibox

Trolley for MULTIBOX holders. Safety and accident prevention have been taken into account in designing these trolley. Strong and handy, eposy resin-coated electrowelded sheet. Four rubber wheels: 2 fixed, 1 pivoting and 1 pivoting with brake. The CARRY BOX line trolley are supplied disassembled, with the assembly schema and screws for assembly. PRODUCTS: Trolley CM 135 – Trolley CM 165


Dec 14 2015 Davide Castellani Comments Off on Stand

Espositori da banco,da parete e con base di appoggio a terra realizzati in lamiera elettrosaldata e verniciati a forno con polvere epossidica di colore Grigio Ral 7035. Disponibili con kit standard di cassettiere Multibox. PRODOTTI: SB Stand bag – S 500 – S 510 – S 514 – 516 – 518 – S 519 – S 520 – Promo stand


Dec 12 2015 Davide Castellani Comments Off on Multibox

Modular drawer storage cabinets made of shockproof thermoplastic resin, with tilting pull-open drawers, rounded ergonomic handle and large label holder. Thanks to the guides on the back of the drawer-holding casing, all the Multibox drawer storage cabinets can also be wall-mounted by means of screws and metal supports to create modular equipped walls. The drawer storage cabinets are available in five different sizes. PRODUCTS: MB 9 – MB 6 – MB 5 – MB 4 – MB 3


Nov 30 2015 Davide Castellani Comments Off on Multisistem

Cabinets made of electrowelded sheet and reinforcement bars, features panels sliding on roller bearings; RAL 7035 grey epoxy powder-painted. The cabinet has been designed in a way that facilitates the assembly on site. The product is supplied disassembled, with the installation schematic drawing and screws. PRODUCTS: SL 601 – SL 602 – SL 603